Pack Plaisir - 4 bags of tomate seeds


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SpeciesTomato, Solanum Lycopersicum L.
VarietyNoire de Crimée, Green zébra, Roman candle, Coeur (Coeur de boeuf)

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The variety of tomato Black Crimean a variety appreciated by the children thanks to the remarkable sweetness of its fruit. The fruit will surprise you by its shape and its very dark red colour.
Tomato green oval fruit, streaked in yellow when ripe, with excellent fruit holding, even overripe. Sweet flesh firm and dense.
A "San Marzano" yellow. Smooth yellow fruit, elongated cylindrical well marked with a big nipple, depression can be located on some fruits.
Oxheart type A heart-shaped tomato, soft, dense and meaty, almost devoid of seeds.

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Pack Plaisir - 4 bags of tomate seeds

Pack Plaisir - 4 bags of tomate seeds

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